Shamanic Practice and Healing

What is the Shaman? What is Shamanism in Australia?

Shamanism.  Shamanic Practice and Shamanic Healing.

What does the word Shamanic mean and how does it relate to our daily lives?
The word itself comes from the root Siberian Tungus and literally means, “One who Knows”.  But what do they know?
The Shaman is the Navigator of Worlds, they are a Master of Ecstasy who knows how to step out of this ordinary mundane world of which we are all a part and navigate other worlds and dimensions – in the service of their client.

The Shaman is a Master of Spirits who encounters beings in these other worlds and communes with them – again in service of their client and community.
The are the earliest navigators of consciousness, skillful to a high degree in journeying and bringing back the resources needed to aid the client in the ‘here and now’ process of their lives.
They have many resources and skills at their disposal to ascertain what has led to the client’s symptoms – as they present to them. No matter what the problem, while addressing those symptoms and restoring balance to the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual realms of the client – they are always at heart observing the flight of the soul and where the client is in the journey of their life between birth and death.

Shamanic Healing

When any part of the human system is out of balance, it is important to look at the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of their being, as part of the map of the social world in which they live.
The Shaman works within the world view of the client.

The Shaman cultivates different states of consciousness for exploration of the worlds of possibilities that exist within the ‘greater beingness’ of the client.

She journeys consciously into the stream of parallel alternate realities, moving whilst being still – a foot in both worlds.

A transformative process occurs within this landscape that allows her clients to profoundly alter their view of the world in which they live. It is not separate from the lens which experiences it.

The process is designed for them to find their personal medicine, to meet, embrace and accept responsibility for their personal power.

The Shaman in this landscape enters an interactive process with the clients issues , which allows passivity and non movement to become energy and movement.
She greets the client in their totemic state, the bird, animal, reptile or other that is their connection with spirit nature. Each human has one, whether it is known about or not, whether it is believed in or not.

Knowledge of this aspect’s state of being, can provide very useful information to the client – for the ‘here and now’ reality of this world!
The Shaman observes the nature and ‘well beingness’ of the totem and whilst being guided by her own landscape – takes steps to address any problems that may be emerging.

When balance is restored in this landscape – then the Shaman returns, informing the client of the process that has unfolded, thus facilitating a return to balance in the world of ordinary waking consciousness.

Shamanic Practice

What is the Shaman. What is a Shamanic Guide. What is Shamanic Practice.

There are many answers to this and unfortunately in the last twenty years it has become one of the favourite labels to apply to just about anything in the new age movement. Many people claim to be shamans for no better reason than they feel they have been through a personal ordeal or carry a certain blood line.

This does it a great disservice for it is an ancient and powerful perspective on a wholly connected universe in which all things are alive and have resonance and meaning. It requires years of study and training and initiatory experience, often over a lifetime and the practitioners – who read life at the margins, who journey to other worlds, the past and the future and their malleable nature, who – as visionary practitioners – intentionally turn the world upside down and shake the tree in order to discover what is needed to restore balance in the world – walk in many worlds, deliberately changing ones state of consciousness for a different perspective on what seems mundane and ordinary.

The Shaman is very well versed in the cultural norms of the world they inhabit, the cosmology of which they are a part, the existential questions that haunt mankind and is well versed in the mythology of the ages, the inhabitants of the mythology, the symbolic forms of  the personal and transpersonal and is steeped in story, the poetica and richness of life.
The Shaman is a healer, a priest or priestess, a medium and story teller, an actor or entertainer, a trickster and prophet, a world builder and sorcerer, a mage and magician and many possibilities besides. There is a great deal of misinformation out there but in truth it is a lens through which the world can be viewed in new and visionary ways and is the oldest medicine ways practiced in human society. It is the foundation of many of the religious and medical traditions, although these have now been stripped of the spiritual intelligence and the journey of the soul, leaving them parched and dry and no longer meeting the needs of the people.

If you wish to experience the profound changes that can occur by viewing your life through this lens contact Prue for an appointment.