Whole Being Healing [Harmonic Convergent Vibrational Healing] – Now

harmonic vibrating out

There is a technique for healing that is beyond transpersonal counseling, beyond psychotherapy, beyond mindfulness and cognitive change, beyond behavioral challenges.

We all carry things that have accumulated within us both genetically and over life times. Things that erupt in our lives in patterns of familiarity ( not this again!!) and in patterns of pain. As the veil is thinning and we are evolving more and more of this is ‘bleeding’ through into our current existence for healing.

harmonic dna

Anxiety, guilt, shame, inadequacy, powerlessness, frustration, lost, grief and despair ……

The technique used takes these wounds back to the source – whatever that may be – and rewires them, allowing real resolution in the current life being lived – in an hour.

harmonic hands

Utilising deep emotional release, personal connection with your own Higher Self, hands on balancing of the fields around you and harmonic sound – this process reaches you deeply at the heart, mind, body and soul aspects of your reality in a profoundly healing way!

This work has grown out of many years of work in psychiatry and mental health, Psychodynamic and Lomi Lomi bodywork, Harmonic Overtones, Shamanic Practice, Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy – amongst many things in my life time of learning and unfolding.

This process follows the pattern of pain around the body, then takes it to the core emotion of that pain and using joint toning, ancient instruments of vibrational healing, ancient words of harmonic power, intent and symbology – a process is set up of a vibrational movement in which nothing that is disharmonious to the system can reside within.

harmonic explosion colour

“it felt as though layers of light and healing were being built up around me – I was in my body but also not and I felt hollow and yet incredibly grounded”

“I feel amazingly light and my whole body seemed to be vibrating – there were places that got hot or heavy and then it would just melt away”

“I had a vision of many lives as a healer, and paying a price for those lives and of of that falling away as I existed under this bell of light and vibration and none of it mattered any more”

harmonic colour and sound waves

“There was a powerful sense of a whole tribe of ancient women filling me up and lifting me up and I was flowing with them”

“I feel lighter – my head is empty – I was told that I can trust my life!”

” A very intense feeling in my chest and throat – amazing as it melted away and then at the end my third eye seemed to explode as I disappeared and then it all regathered, coming back in slivers and rejoined with new information for me”

“I went back to the beginning of time and picked up the clay that I was made with and I remade my self and then found myself standing outside my body while you worked with my [deceased] mother watching you – so peaceful”

“I could feel that my body was beginning to vibrate at a different frequency and was beginning to remember how to heal. I have felt different since then, more grounded and hopeful. My heart feels different too, lighter and more settled. I just feel that it knows the path to healing now and that as it follows this path it will become far stronger than before. I could feel your work dragging me out of the hole I was stuck in, pulling and easing me out into the lightness.”

Contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au or via http://www.facebook.com/thrivebydesign to come and experience this remarkable process.

May we all have peace in 2013 and with the changes coming xx