Welcome to Thrive By Design!

Journey Towards Authenticity

Who we are

Thrive by design was formed in 2007 by Prue Blackmore and Simone Douglas as a vehicle for facilitating people’s life journey in a positive and transformative way.

Thrive by Design offers a range of services for people wanting to move towards a different way of being in the world and those wanting to create different worlds.

At Thrive we believe that each person is a ‘well’ of limitless possibilities and our role is to provide people with the tools and resources needed to decide for themselves, who they are, what kind of life they want to live and what kind of world they want to create. In order to flourish in the world, to fulfill our possibilities, we need to move beyond the behavioural problems, personality issues and wounds of childhood that blight our lives, into these deeper arenas of the journey of life.

The challenges of our lives must be viewed in the overall context of the journey of the soul and the world it inhabits. What is out of balance in our entire being that has given rise to these challenges of health, relationships, and a lack of authenticity in the world.
It is here that we will discover our true nature and purpose – to live in the moment creating a joyous existence.



Thrive by Design provides Transpersonal Counselling and psychotherapy services to help you learn to navigate through crises and difficult times in your life.Read More »

Art Therapy

How do we see the world, how do we apprehend the world, how do perceive what we see and how does this arise?Read More »

Shamanic Healing

What does the word Shamanic mean and how does it relate to our daily lives?Read More »

For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy, whether with your first or fifth child, is the single most powerful act of co-creation that you, as a woman, can ever be involved in.Read More »

Child and Adolescent Services

What is parenting. How do we parent. How do parents cope with difficult and/or disturbing behaviours within the family.Read More »

Couples Counselling

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