A little bit about us

Thrive by design was formed in 2007 by Prue Blackmore and Simone Douglas as a vehicle for facilitating people’s life journey in a positive and transformative way.

Thrive by Design offers a range of services for people wanting to move towards a different way of being in the world and those wanting to create different worlds.

At Thrive we believe that each person is a ‘well’ of limitless possibilities and our role is to provide people with the tools and resources needed to decide for themselves, who they are, what kind of life they want to live and what kind of world they want to create. In order to flourish in the world, to fulfill our possibilities, we need to move beyond the behavioural problems, personality issues and wounds of childhood that blight our lives, into these deeper arenas of the journey of life.

The challenges of our lives must be viewed in the overall context of the journey of the soul and the world it inhabits. What is out of balance in our entire being that has given rise to these challenges of health, relationships, and a lack of authenticity in the world.

It is here that we will discover our true nature and purpose – to live in the moment creating a joyous existence.

These services include:

Counselling, including Transpersonal Counselling.

This counselling in Adelaide provides a form of psychotherapy in which the Therapist creates and holds sacred space while the client accesses the resources deep within to provide healing from and gain insight into – whatever it is that has them troubled in this life at this time.

Art Therapy: Art as Therapy. What is Art Therapy?

How do we see the world, how do we apprehend the world, how do perceive what we see and how does this arise? Spontaneous images arise at times of crisis and change and symbolism is at the core of what it is to be human.

Art Therapy is an intentional system of intervention deep into the psyche and is powerfully potent in its ability to facilitate healing and change.

Coaching and Financial Counselling and training in Social Media Platforms for business.

Simone’s 15 years in corporate work as a systems buster and reorganiser of work places in difficulty has fully equipped her for helping to sort issues that prevent people getting on top of their businesses. Her role as an RTO manager and teacher ensure that you can get right on top the explosion of Social Media platforms to grow your business.

Therapeutic Retreats and Weekend Workshops

-including women’s groups supporting growth and health of women, spiritual and personal growth, meditation, empowerment and leadership for women by women. Also Parenting programs, spiritual retreats, creative kids and other wonderful programs for all aspects of life and healing.

Specialist services for Women, Children, Adolescents and Families.

These include the Conscious Parenting Program.

What is parenting? How to parent? Practical parenting help for couples, single parents in a supportive group that offers practical and insightful help for parents in raising children in a different way.

Shamanic Services.

What is Shamanism? What is a Shaman. At Thrive we provide an elemental service in shamanic guidance and healing that taps into practices and tools that have been utilized across the globe over thousands of years. These techniques are brought to the ‘here and now’ awareness of the client’s journey offering deep spiritual insights and mindfulness to the issue at hand.