Art as Therapy

What is Art Therapy? What does an Art Therapist do?

How do we see the world, how do we apprehend the world, how do perceive what we see and how does this arise? Spontaneous images arise at times of crisis and change and symbolism is at the core of what it is to be human.

Art Therapy is an intentional system of intervention deep into the psyche and is powerfully potent in its ability to facilitate healing and change.

It creates pathways into the self, facilitating movment towards authenticity and self realisation.

It taps into the pallett of the soul in flight, opening us to depth and expression beyond words. Here we delve into the worlds of the personal and collective unconscious, the archetypal imagery of what it is to be human, the masks of the ego and the world of shadow.

And as these things flow out of us in symbolic form, so too do they point back to us, informing and illuminating us to the deeper regions – often being seen and felt for the first time.

In the exploration of what ever issue brings you to this, we explore through a variety of mediums, from art and clay work, music and poetry, masks and carvings – that which is deep inside, wanting expression, wanting to come home for completion and integration.

With art therapy we help clients understand how they may create a different trajectory, a different meaning and indeed a different world in which they may fulfil possibilities long denied them but which haunt them throughout their days, waiting for expression.

It does not matter what you come with – with art therapy there is a possiblity of finding the power to change and summon the true self to guide and inform, to integrate the lost pieces of self, to find meaning in that which may have seemed meaningless and to grow meaning where none has existed, to reconnect with all that we are from a place of connection and self love where none may have existed before.