Child and Adolescent Specialty Services

What is parenting. How do we parent. How do parents cope with difficult and/or disturbing behaviours within the family.

When children are experiencing problems in the home or at school it is very often the result of unresolved issues in the family that the child is simply acting out. Child rearing is a difficult business that comes with out a manual.

Thrive offers assessment of Child and Adolescent behaviour issues and with minimal intervention, provides strategies and practical parenting tips within the whole family for addressing these issues often leading to a swift resolution of the difficulties and a restoration of balance within family life.

We offer parents support and help with child rearing and practical support for child behaviour. It does not matter if you are a nuclear family, single parent or blended family – each family has its issues with raising children and at Thrive we approach the “how to parent” issues from a variety of modalities.