Healing for Pregnant Women

The Gift of Life

Pregnancy, whether with your first or fifth child, is the single most powerful act of co-creation that you, as a woman, can ever be involved in. It is – in truth – what you were biologically born for. In bringing a child successfully into life, you go through a process of initiation of being – that shows you the strengths that you had no idea you possessed. These strengths become a spring board for your continuing growth and evolution for the rest of your life. Pregnancy is also an amazing opportunity resolve current issues in your life and free yourself from an old and familiar way of being.

When working with current issues, it is not at all unsusual (when using certain techniques) to discover that the seed which gave rise to the issue, occurred when the client was in the womb.

The foetus is powerfully connected to all elements of the mother, including her emotional reality.

It is normal for a mother to feel doubt during pregnancy : has she made the right decision to have the baby? Is she going to get enough support from the father? Will she be able to cope with the demands of motherhood?

These are all perfectly normal feelings for an expectant mother to have.

For unborn children, however, these doubts impact on their feelings of being ‘good enough’, of abandonment, of huge insecurity re who will be there to love them.

In other words, the child has no capacity to stand outside of the mother’s experiences of doubt, and therefore personalises these experiences intensely..

This can set up emotional wounds which affect the child’s ability to feel safe and confident in the world for the rest of their life. This impacts on the child’s social life, relationships and career, etc.

There are now techniques that allow children, while still in the womb, to separate from the mother’s reality and accept that what the mother is doing is normal and not a reflection upon themselves.

This allows for an emotionally healthy start to life . This technique also addresses a pregnant mothers’ natural anxiety about the birth process itself, releasing this and allowing the mother to approach the birth without fear.

Doula Services

Support and Assistance through Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is a period of immense growth and change in which for the first time in our lives we are taken outside of ourselves in the consideration of another. This can be very challenging and distressing at times, resulting in anxiety and confusion a well as the joy of the approaching birth.

We offer services thoughout the pregnancy, including several of the sessions described above as well as attendance at the birth as a support person and post natal visits to ensure the settling in process.

This is not a medical service – it is a holistic support for the emotional and psychological needs of the mother and her family.

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