Counselling and Transpersonal Counselling


Thrive by Design provides Transpersonal Counselling and psychotherapy services to help you learn to navigate through crises and difficult times in your life.

This counselling in Adelaide provides a unique approach to the daily challenges of life.

Do any of the following issues create problems in your life in ways that you would like to change?

Unresolved grief or trauma? Repetitive non-useful patterns of behaviour? Addictions? Old heartaches that you can’t let go of? Personality traits that create disharmony in your relationships? Panic and anxiety? Low energy and fatigue and a sense of loss of direction in life? Mood swings? Hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness? Depression? Chronic pain, Obsessive thinking and Compulsive behaviour?

Do you feel lost and alienated in an increasingly surreal world. Have you lost your way, your direction, does life appear meaningless and pointless? Do you find that the relationships that have sustained you are now falling away?

It is not the events in our lives that cause us pain – it is how we perceive those events. How you perceive them is based on the “programme” you were given as a child. It is from this view that you perceive the world.

This counselling and psychotherapy service offers an opportunity to look behind the presenting symptoms of pain to discover the programme that drives it.

Most programmes are dysfunctional. (The World Health Organisation estimates that 93% of all families are dysfunctional) These programmes have us perceive ourselves as powerless to change. They contribute to feelings of guilt, shame, anger, worry and helplessness.

Transpersonal counselling and therapy from well trained therapists and counsellors provides a fresh paradigm into what is out of balance in one’s life and skills to restore this balance.


It is a powerful process to change your perception of yourself and therefore your life. To go from a place of pain, shame, fear, anger, guilt and powerlessness to a place of detachment, empowerment, peace and serenity that is your birthright as a human.

The Transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy approach to change and empowerment addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

This counselling in Adelaide works in a powerful and holistic way that reminds us that we are unique, gifted and awesome creatures of the universe, creating our lives in whatever manner we choose.

Transpersonal Counselling and therapy facilitates self exploration to help us discover who we are, where we fit in the world and most importantly how we want to be in the world.

The counsellors call on a variety of modalities through which we can develop our own personal resources in order to navigate our unique path through life, to fulfill our possibilities. This leads to healing, growth, self empowerment and ultimately finding meaning and purpose in our lives.