Thrive by Design run a range of workshops and retreats for women, men and couples in Adelaide and throughout Australia upon request.

This year we have scheduled a range of workshops and events.


Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing – To be offered in 2017 – dates announced soon

shamanic healing 2


The workshop for Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing is being offered in 2017

This exciting workshop will teach you how to enter your client’s spiritual landscape and meet them as their Totemic being – their medicine – their connection with Spirit nature and how to navigate that landscape in the service of the client – and this will also incorporated powerful sound techniques for healing – setting up a vibrational field in which  nothing that is disharmonious to the client may remain within.

When any part of the Human system is out of balance – it is important to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of what is going on along with the map of the world of which they are a part.

shamans mask

Then by entering the client’s landscape – their stream of consciousness – the practitioner learns how to enter the stream of alternate possibilities, moving by being still – a foot in both worlds. A transformative process occurs within this from binding to freedom – from passivity and non movement to energy and movement.

When balance is restored in this landscape – so then does this healing flow out into the life of the client in the here and now.


shamans journey

links will be up shortly to register for this event.



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