the Dark Full Moon – July 9th – Chaos, Rage, Murder and Mayhem


Cosmic Connections

July is a powerful month and the Full Moon in Capricorn is an intense and rageful as I have seen in a long time. The Moon and Pluto Opposite the Sun and Mars weaves such an inflammatory energy it will be extremely difficult to contain. If you are not on top of your game here – owning your own stuff – rising above the emotions and recognising they are just patterns here to release then it is possible you may blow your relationships with significant others – or in business that will have you lose out badly – in ways that will affect your life for a long time to come if not permanently. With the alignments as they are we are looking at power plays, threats of violence and actioning violence, murder, mayhem, war and invasions, overthrows of government or of people in positions of power [usually by other people who will fall by the wayside also] and there is no messing about with this one. This is all here to be displayed, seen for what it is and acted upon. As with all of these opportunities of course it is a possibility of bringing it up for resolution – to see and own your own part in the rage, terror and control mechanisms that have plagued you for lifetimes and over many relationships – it is up to you whether you burn up in the lower energies or rise above – transmute the pain and walk forward. Either way it may mean the end of something very real and be quite painful – how you go about it is up to you – as always. At 17 degrees Capricorn this Moon is only 1 degree from Pluto – the planet of destruction and renewal – and Capricorn is all about the institutions of power – illusionary as most of them are – so the heightened emotions of most Full Moons is on steroids for this one and become consuming and insane if you are not careful. It will be fascinating to watch how this plays out on the geo-political stage – all things are perfect of course and the boils of corruption need to be lanced. On a personal level this is a make or break time of old patterns of fear, rage and control – so walk carefully indeed. And the warfare aspect is an iron beam or sword that burns right into Mars, planet of warfare, opposite Pluto. Intensity is not adequate to describe the power of this. It is moved powerfully by Jupiter sitting well aspected in Libra – all about relationships and Justice. So the cardinal T-Square formed here – burning rage and fire and with the fixed star alignment on top of it we can throw seductive, illusionary, sorcery into the mix also. In this Decan 2 in Capricorn we are looking at stony ground, parched earth, harsh to grow the fertile energies needed to soften the earth for the feminine Moon energies. If you do this well and stay on top of your ground – be organised – then you may get through this with a minimum of harm – suffice it to say though there will be no soft beds to fall on for the next wee while. The hard knocks are coming and there will not be much celebrating this month no matter how well you do this but if that is the worst that happens to you – be at peace with it. There will be little time and space for people to dawdle or be self indulgent here and if that is your approach – you can safely expect to be bitch slapped into next year. Knuckle down and do it is the only adage that will help. The Moon conjunct Pluto here brings very deep and intense feelings to the surface that can actually be overwhelming and have you obsess over people and imagined insults in a way that is not rational but will take you over and make it difficult to focus on anything else. These alignments will also bring many threads through the veil so it will be difficult to know what is real and what is not in this sphere which adds to the confusion and obsession and fear. Women will be of power and influence in this moon and can be quite illuminating re these emotions. The important thing with all of this is to step back from the emotion – it really matters a lot to do this. Even if you are on the money with your interpretation and intuition [and they will be heightened at this moon] allowing the emotions to lead will lead to poor judgement with serious consequences. This conjunction will bring about manipulating and controlling behaviours around you – things like jealousy, emotional manipulations with guilt and shame, threats of violence, abuse or self harm and suicide to get you to do others bidding. It is very important to not buy into any of this – to step back – be zen – don’t pick up the hook thrown at you. Meditation, clearing sessions or any other form of transcending these feelings and games is really useful at this time. This is also a time of very heightened sexual energy and lustful objectification as all these powerful transformative and war like energies abound. Sex becomes a weapon of intense feeling and all precaution can be thrown to the wind here. Death and pain become very much a part of the seductive occasion but once the shit hits the fan the instigator of this will barely be seen for the dust on the horizon. The Sun at play here being opposite the Moon in Cancer will illuminate the internal battles within playing out in relationships. And it behoves all to figure out the difference between what you desire and what is actually in your best interests. The lower bodies will seek to drag you down and it is important to keep stepping back and asking if this is really what will serve you. The Sun being opposite Pluto will initiate a crisis of some kind that will have you doubt all that you have been working on and undermine your belief in your perfection of journey. This could be a blow up with another, an addiction of some kind could take over, you could start stalking someone [ I am not kidding – this stuff is intense] or be stalked. Theft and violence is powerfully highlighted here and the destruction of all with fire or disaster. What ever happens – go with the flow –m change might be pushed your way or you may be the one that says enough. The important thing is to use what ever comes to transform yourself and reach for the stars. The lower bodies will beckon and it behoves us all to not cave into it – to use what comes to grow your soul and rise higher. What ever comes it will involve someone very close to you so be prepared to act and act swiftly – to help or to remove yourself with as much tact as possible to keep you and yours safe. The Sun Mars aspect here is tight also and this intensifies all further in a very powerful way. As someone who has Sun hard up against Mars in Cancer in the 8th house I know this energy very well – however this alignment will add anger to the force and power of the emotional intensity and you will find it very hard to keep your cool with the “plebs”. Mars opposite Pluto at this Full Moon will fill you with a wild passion to achieve your wildest dreams and will make you fiercely competitive to win [what ever it is} at all costs. You will take no prisoners with this energy and if you are wise and channel this energy to transform old patterns achieve goals you will indeed have a great victory over the self. This can be applied to any area of your life and you will have all the strength and courage you need to transcend and grow if you apply this well. And this will all be going both ways. As much as these intense passions and rages will be impacting on you they will also be being directed at you. There will be lots of fight or flight responses being triggered in all and this is a powerful time to avoid situations of sexual predation or violence. pay to write essay. Keep your children safe this week and out of harms way. The Sun conjunct Mars will fill you with creative initiative and it is important to channel this into constructive endeavours rather than the sexual, rageful urges that will abound or trust me you will experience painful and damaging consequences. Find ways of releasing this energy at this time in physical activities, – a great time to move that tonne of mulch into the garden, to take up martial arts or running a marathon. If you are not aware of what is going on here then the spontaneous release of this pent up energy can result in accidents or aggressive acts and violence. Early warning signs it needs release will appear as intense irritation with events or people, impatience with loved ones etc. Babies conceived at this time unconsciously will have a lot of difficult energies to deal with for life. The Moon Opposite Mars will just make you cranky and short tempered. You will easily make mountains out of molehills and these will come back and bite you big time. I personally am thinking of staying home with a punching bag to let of the build up of steam that is inevitable at this time. And this will be coming at you as well remember. I imagine we will see a rise in domestic violence and murder at this time and if in one of these potentially calamitous situations the energy may give you the adrenaline to finally escape such dangerous environments. The bitterness and vindictiveness that can flow here is truly quite awful. And it will need an outflow. This kind of energy cannot be contained so find a constructive outlet where ever possible. You will have the courage and strength you need to escape an awful situation and your ability to be honest and direct is powerful – you will sense danger coming and if so do what you need to do to care for yourself at all times. The fixed star aspects at this Moon – Shellak in Lyra brings in the occult or sorcery element and you intuition will be heightened well above normal. Forgery and fakeness about and many unsavoury characters will emerge here looking to take advantage of you. It is also a time where bullies may finally get their comeuppance from many years of vile behaviour. If it rises in you let it have expression in artistic endeavours or music and dance to stomp these feelings through. I anticipate a lot of cyber crime during this time and trolling will be at a maximum. Don’t bite – remove yourself and rise above it where ever possible. Gold diggers will abound – using dark sexual arts to bind people to them for nefarious gain – be alert and observant for such deviants and manipulators. They could lead you down a very dark rabbit hole indeed. So all in all it is a time of a cautionary awareness – a need to channel your own energies rising into something healthily competitive or artistic. Every aspect of this Moon points to the same energy rising and consuming us if you are not very careful. Avoid arguments where possible – be courageous and move away where you need to. Don’t be bullied or manipulated and don’t react with aggression – no matter the provocation. On a geo-political stage expect conflagration and warfare to rise, coups and revolutions to abound across the sphere. It is a very powerful time and if you work with it well you will transcend a great deal and evolve your self powerfully. It is a powerful time to detox and set your self free from addictions at this time due to the purging nature of these energies and better that than falling back into them. Beware of anything that sounds too good to be true – in these energies you can guarantee that it is. We will be holding the Full Moon Meditation on the Saturday the 8th – as I am shown it is better to get a handle on this early – even though the full moon is not complete until around 2 pm on the Sunday. If you wish to come to this meditation and do what can be done to transcend its violence and chaos and make it work for you for growth – let me know in the usual manner and I will book you in.  

Beware the Moon indeed beloveds – it is a bitch from hell xx


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