Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces – The Time is NOW! – March 9th


March 9th Solar Eclipse

vajra eclipse

A powerful Solar eclipse in Pisces begins March on the 9th [Sydney time] and we will celebrate this and draw on those energies for change with a meditation on the evening of the 8th at 7pm.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon arises between the Mother Earth – Gaia – and Father Sun – Helios. The sun’s light is hidden – meaning that which is normally not seen or experienced – can be. Powerful new insights and beginnings are associated with this – the moon energy on steroids lol.

A lunar Eclipse – coming two weeks later on the Full Moon on March 23rd in Libra – occurs as the Earth stands between the two orbs in our sky – with the earth blocking the light from the sun reaching the moon. We lose sight of the Moon briefly and it usually means something coming to a conclusion or an ending.

Eclipses occur invariably in pairs for the new and full moons and occur for a period of time in opposite signs in the Zodiac which is why they occur always at 6 monthly intervals. They are notorious for surprises – sometimes shocking and often life changing – surprises. Not ones you are prepared for or can do anything about – but often lead to a complete shift of awareness or direction. Remember always as one door closes another always opens lol.

new moon in pisces

Its all about dreamy, inspiratioinal, delusional, escape seeking, surreal Pisces for this Moon. With the Sun and the Moon here joined by Neptune [more of the same] – the wounded healer Chrion, plus the south Node with the usual karmic lessons that accompany that and the influence of the asteroid Ceres here as well.

This all points to heaps of mutable energy flowing foreshadowing the Mutable Grand Square in May and followed by another hit of the Saturn – Neptune Square [the great depression] post that.

For here also at this New Moon Solar eclipse we have Saturn and Mars both transiting in Sagittarius as well as Jupiter and the North Node sailing through Virgo – you begin to get the picture and this is the time of powerful mutable realities for the next wee while indeed.

The Jupiter and Neptune reality of this Moon bring lots of water to the energy of it all – and this is a journey for the transformation of the soul – ramped up by the eclipses energy and with all that liquid [unconscious and emotion] flooding about then it is likely to bring up a lot of toxic energy from the depths as well that needs flushing so make sure it works for you rather than against you.

What that basically means is that if you are on top of your game – and you know the games being played – then you are less likely to be manipulated by an individual or by the propaganda of those who perceive them selves as your masters – the corporate machine and their toadies in government.

chiron in pisces

This Pisces at decan 2 really is all about healing – healing of the soul – as its alignment with Chiron at this time is testament to. As Jupiter and Saturn push us to evolve and Pluto offers transformation then the letting go of the perceptions around the situation and seeing it for what it is – and thus releasing the pain while retaining the wisdom of this wound are very powerful now.

A true fresh start is possible now. As is offered with all new moons and especially eclipsed ones means all you begin will flourish well and this is particularly true in the year of the fire monkey lol. The energies put in motion here will hold sway until the next eclipse of the cycle in September – rising and falling with the alignments of the stars.


Because of the background of the Aquarius constellation at this Moon – we can be assured that the watery theme continues and around this time don’t be surprised to see events connected to flooding, damage to agricultural land and even aviation issues coming to the fore. Revolutions and Humanitarian causes and movements will continue to rise with this also – with people clamouring for real change to the killing of the world.


This eclipse’s conjunction to Chiron will show many the path of what needs to be healed and the best way to go about it. Remember the word itself comes from the greek ‘chiro’ – for hands. This points to a reality that utilises unorthodox methods of healing now – hands on, herbal, the power of focused attention for change. Whatever wound will be brought to your attention at this time – be it physical [all physical manifestations begin in the heart or soul lol] or deeply of the soul re your path and unfolding – the message is to use hands on, alternative, herbal and natural remedies first – let them speak to you – to evolve and grow your being.

It is also possible – re other aspects and the lunar eclipse in two weeks that a new wound may arrive post eclipse – so be aware and see what is there for you for healing if this happens.


What ever unfolds at this time the healing can be deep and profound and truly grow your soul back towards the divine spark that you are – so do pay attention to all that unfolds. And while looking to natural methods to move – don’t be adverse to brand new or innovative breakthroughs in technology and science – particularly with good quality and ethical nutrients.


One of the issues that many people are not yet considering is the effect that climate change is having on our psyche. One of the most powerful predictors of sanity and stability is that the wind blows the weather in a certain direction, night follows day – seasons come and go. As this cycle changes and is disrupted – do not underestimate what this means on a deep unconscious level. As these change it challenges and affects our bodies and souls in ways we cannot even begin to imagine yet – but it will have a powerful impact. However Chiron teaches us all is within – and while we re trained to look out initially [forward looking predators after all] and seek help for wounds from the external – ultimately all healing will come from within – from love and the soul.


The Sun’s connection to this eclipse is interesting in that it reflects the turning of the tree upside down as it were. That which is material becomes insubstantial and that which is spiritual becomes grounded in reality.

This placement also reflects the nobility of sacrifice of the individuals needs for the greater good.


The Moon also in Pisces in this position speaks of the power of the rising feminine [again] – particularly in the field of healing and medicine. It brings the great beneficence of Jupiter drawing on the innate reality of the birthing power of the feminine – reminding us that all power of creation is within us – not requiring the religious clap trap of requiring and external power that we are not worthy to attain. These issues will be present at this eclipse.


Addictions to all things that take you away from your self and your centre of power will be up for review here. Addictions to substances that allow you to escape your self – even under the guise of seeking the light – for you cannot seek the light until you embrace the dark within you. There is no separation and we cannot grow fully until we own our own demons – release the pain of their abandonment – and integrate the vast wisdom that resides there.

The possibilities of understanding these addictions for what they are – the denial of truth of yourself – is very powerful in this Moon eclipse – you may be pushed into a breakthrough at this time – possibly a painful one – allow it and grow.


With all these energies at play – the world – for those awakening is going to appear increasingly as though you have arrived in the land of the surreal – the wizard of oz’s landscape even – where doors slam shut behind us and there is no going back – it is up to you what you make of it – do your best not to be alarmed at how increasingly bizarre the world appears. Your future is yours to write big at this time lol.


It is important to realise at this time that all of these energies of the eclipsed moon are asking you not to play small. Now is the time to dream big and make it your own. Smash open the fear that keeps you from taking risks – from dreaming large and taking the risk to make it real. This is never comfortable – ever – but this year of the fire monkey is for the bold at heart – those who are willing to seize opportunities and make them their own – be it in business, relationships or health and wellbeing.


The sad truth is that for those caught and held in fear and unwilling to break free – the world is going to appear increasingly frightening – which in such people will bring out aggression, increasing levels of intolerance and ignorance, defended unto the death – and as with all eclipses the increase in seismic activity and wild weather – will add to these fears. I urge you to avoid such people where you can and nurture your own journey – go within – set yourself free and view all else with love and compassion. If you are at genuine risk of such explosive energy being directed at you – remove yourself – stay safe – another’s reality can only affect you as much as you allow it to happen.


Self discipline, moderation, self control – is what is required now – to allow you to heal the old wounds of childhood and karma – viewing them all now with the wisdom of the adult and the divine spark within that tells you – you are ready to set yourself free. The days of self indulgence, misery, victim consciousness and egoic pride are done – but at this eclipsed moon – they may be thrust into your face for a final review. Your ability to do this in a temperant way will be rewarded by profound growth.


Do not give up on your self – set yourself free of guilt and self abuse – none of it is real – it is just the consequence of old and inappropriate programming – designed by religion and the state to keep you enslaved to their desires. Forgive yourself first, for old patterns and self harm – let go of those whom you dance with in this way – with gratitude for all they have taught you – that process and insight will set you free from having to repeat it ever again. This requires a mature response, self discipline and sometimes hard work and separation – but there is no better time than to do it now.


Stay strong at heart during this for these energies also fill you with determination and power to achieve the goal – to see the bigger picture beyond your old habits – and it carries – through the Pluto aspect – great power to recuperate and let go. When you choose to be this way it is very challenging – and very discombobulating – for there will be surges of physical pain of release, uncertainty, doubt and fear of change – but if you stay the course – be true to your self rather than your programme – the sky is truly the limit here. This is what you came for – be of stout heart and diamond mind – and so shall you sow the seeds of true liberation. As you close the doors of the old way of being so shall you open the doors to the truth of your own existence – built in love and forgiveness – compassion. The energies to help you in this eclipse to achieve this are truly rare and staggering – so carpe diem peeps – make it yours.


So stay true – be courageous – what you plant at this moon will grow powerfully over the next six months to the next eclipse – be patient, noble of heart and take responsibility for all that you are thinking, feeling and doing – if you do this – you cannot fail. The golden rule applies here – treat others in all things as you would desire to be treated – you will be rewarded accordingly.

Prue Blackmore is a qualified psychotherapist with a rich background in mental health, transpersonal counselling, art therapy, shamanic practice and psychodynamic bodywork.

She works with all issues of the human experience, from conception to death and beyond – unravelling the knots of our existence, utilising an eclectic set of skills, in ways that are permanent and profound in the release and renewal they afford the client – in the here and now moment of their existence – permanently.

This is not ‘talking therapy’. This is a profound shift of consciousness – in which patterns of pain are seen for what they are – an attempt to heal – and she facilitates this healing in rich and rewarding ways, allowing for a profound sense of peace and of insight and understanding into the threads of our existence.

If you want freedom from pain, peace of mind, the ability to dwell here and now rather than in the past or the future in guilt or fear – If you want to remember who you are and why you are here -

contact Prue on 0419819089 to set up a time to be free

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