Full moon in Sagittarius – Meditation 7pm Friday 9th


On this day with have the Full Moon in Sagiittarius and this is a wondrous moon for me I must say with a Sag rising – it is always a boon.  

This is a powerful Moon of Healing and especially the more feminine themes of life – reproduction, DNA wounds, birthing and life force. What ever transformational process you began at the New Moon two weeks ago will continue to unfold at this time and may lead to a profound healing of issues that have given rise to issues of debt, emotional devastation, breakdowns etc. There may be a mini crisis in your life at this moon – a turning point as you are shown what you can do differently as you let go and return to self love. The pressure applied by Sun and Pluto here can create an unbearable energy leading to neurotic complexes and behaviours.  

This Moon is also part of a triangle with Pluto and Ceres which will invoke outbursts of anger and frustration with power and especially where children or other vulnerable members of society are involved. Photo by vonschnauzer question what pro-papers tricks do you use to get through stressful writing times. There may be further exposes of church violence and depravity with children, govt exploitation of the poor and vulnerable to fund the rich and powerful, and the level of sexual slavery of children of the 60 million refugees on the march is simply appalling and there may be many a false rumour and spiteful telling of the tales here at this time – do not listen to gossip it at this moon. Moon and Ceres at its worst is the narcissistic parent consuming their child for their own needs.  

The alignments with this moon simply mean that all will come up – particularly any attempt to coerce or manipulate you with power or threats to remove your own. The important thing here is to surrender – seek the higher purpose – remember it is all a dream and do not buy into it. You will be tempted but the more you can see things as they are – and designed to evolve and heal you – you will be ok.  

The fixed Star for this moon is Sabik. In the Constellation of Ophiuchus – this is alternatively known as the 13th sign of the Zodiac, the Snake Holder and is long utilised by Occultists, alchemists and metaphysicians. Great power to ‘see forward’ at this time and for divination.  

This is the ruler of medicine, diseasement, poisoning and ruin. An interesting additive to this feminine healing Moon. Sabik brings passion and goodness however also brings waste, deceit, aggression, hidden danger, secrecy and gossip, troublesome relatives and jealousy and envy.  

It is as though everything in relationship [always with self first] is going to be brought to the surface for examination and if you are ready for healing. If not what is brought to the surface can open a can of worms of all kinds of darkness as you are forced to acknowledge that which you would rather not.  

Pandemics are often associated with this energy also so and as Neptune stations retrograde during this cycle it is possible that this will affect millions of people if it comes into being.  

The power of the Saggitarius healing here is strong and rather than letting it roam about the place it is a good time to channel this energy into a suitable purpose tuning you to self love and self awareness. What ever you set out to do here you can achieve so choose wisely. What unfolds here is dependent upon the intent of the person that draws upon it.  

Self discipline is the key here – you will be tested spiritually and philosophically and in relation to your health. Your beliefs and ideas will be up for evolution and renewal. Do not linger in the past – especially with negative feelings – it does not bode well to do this at this Moon.  

So be wary of the Moon – things will purge and better we are the one to do it than to be fed the cup of hemlock. Old wounds and scars will rise, old ways of reacting emotionally will be felt again, there may be issues with inheritance or a deeply held family secret that escapes or you may be forced to grow up in a way that your childhood has not prepared you for – its coming anyway.  

It wont be pretty what ever it is – remember though this whole year so far has been to expose what is needed for release and renewal – you are coming home to yourself and all must be faced and hidden no longer. The world is unravelling and the Schuman resonance is accelerating powerfully. We have to work it out now so embrace, release, grow. On the 9th Jupiter the Beneficent stations direct in Libra allowing us to work on relationship issues that have prevailed during the retrograde phase. Due to the alignment with Algorab some of this will be difficult and greed is likely to rear its head at this stage as you look around and may perceive that others are doing better than you and that it is not ok. Be mindful not to sell your self out by going down the shallow path.  

This is supported by the alignment with Neptune also disillusionment with your own lack of success can push you do feel ripped off and bitter and wanting to do something about it. This is also a time when escape into drugs and alcohol can appear enticing.  

Do understand that the Retro period for Jupiter is about you growing and becoming more self loving, having greater self worth, so that these issues can then be manifested in greater wealth and abundance in the physical realm once it stations direct. This period is a possibility of readjustment – do you need to refine or redefine your dreams and your path at this period. Just don’t look to “make up” ground as you see it by crooked doings or get rich quick schemes.  

Come September 9th Jupiter will complete the final retro phase for 2017 and all becomes much more positive after that time. For wealth, good fortune and harmonious relationships and destiny manifest – all that you have been working on in the preceding ten months can come home now.