Eclipse Season is here – Powerful and Life changing Possibilities


Cosmic Connections – From July New Moon in Leo on 23rd through the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th to the Spectacular Royal Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

Cosmic Connections – The Eclipse Season is here!


This Sunday 23rd there is a New Moon at zero degrees Leo and is impacted strongly by Mars which means there is lots of doing stuff happening. Sex, sports, warfare, violence. With Uranus up tight here as well ne can expect these issues to have an explosive and unexpected component to it all making this moon quite dangerous really.


Mountains will be made of molehills in a heart beat and things that have mildly been suffered by you for years will no longer be suffered at all. This continues the theme from the previous, out of control, Full Moon in Cap last month and again it behoves you to avoid manipulative, mean spirited violent types – who are every where it seems as the veil thins even further lol.


Again it is wise to find healthy ways to release your own pent up anger that has been building. This New Moon matters as it sets the tone right up to the next New Moon – the Eclipsed New Moon – again in Leo at 28 degrees – with the lunar eclipse in the middle on 7th.


A storm is brewing – a big wild storm and this next month will set the tone well – or badly – for all. The Leo alignment with Mars seriously means action, aggression, sex and war as said – no messing about.


Mars square Uranus will really ramp it up and have us demanding to break free and throw off the traces of authority – violently if necessary. The consequences will not be considered as situations erupt and this makes it especially volatile. This rambunctious energy can also be utilised to rewrite your personal life with a new level of invigoration – shaking the dead wood out of the tree – discarding that which no longer suits you. Be aware is all and many changes will be permanent.


This energy wont be contained – not at all – so if you are not going out with pitchforks and tar to overthrow the mad government we have been saddled with – then find some place in your life where you can tear up the rules and make real change. This can mean a great piece of art, a scientific break through – but do be careful around cars and machinery – any impulsivity could have drastic consequences.


The trick here is to let the higher function self rule. The impulsivity of this moon would have the conscious mind – what the Buddha aptly described as wild elephant being ridden by a mad monkey – respond to the urges rising from the repressed self and this usually ends in tears. So again find healthy outlets for such urgings, gardening, physical labour, cleaning the house etc and do some meditation with the real Self and allow the light to get in.


The asteroid Sisyphus is very close here also – accentuating the risks – remember he who was forced to constantly push a large boulder up the hill only to have it roll down to begin again – a punishment for giving in to deceit and self aggrandisement.


On the 31st of the month Venus enters Cancer for the month ahead. This is a great boon for the wild energies unfolding. Esoterically Cancer represents the great Cosmic Mother and Venus arrival her portends a remembrance of the heart space of divine unconditional love.

She comes to remind us in the chaos ahead that love is the only thing that is real and that the fruitful darkness that she epitomises, brings forth all life, bringing it into fruition and manifestation – through the divine self loving radiation of the prime directive – that gives unquestioningly of itself – requiring nothing in return. Discernment of knowing you are in the middle of the paradox at all times – knowing that you are everything and that everything is you and to regard and love it accordingly. This is a powerful backdrop to the energies unfolding during the eclipse cycle and for the 6 months beyond when all that has arisen is resolved – or not lol.


On the 3rd August Uranus goes retro in Aires and this is a wonderful time for the deep aha moments as this has you really wanting to throw off the shackles of constraints that this mad world has paced upon all living forms. There is no stopping this force – people become so inflamed at the injustice of a mad patriarchy and the toxic capitalism it has produced they will be willing to die for such a cause. Again use it wisely. It can lead to technological breakthroughs and spiritual enlightenment if you work with it well.


Then on the 7th we have the first eclipse of the month – a lunar eclipse in Aquarius [the awakening consciousness] opposite the Sun in Leo, still being powerfully influenced by Mars and as eclipses are all in series this one has a lot to do with the eclipses in 1999 and it will be interesting to watch Putin and Russia at this time.


The Jupiter square Pluto here will provide a powerful energy for personal achievement and victory and will impact in this regard on your emotions, how you relate to others and all close relationships. This can lead to greed, selfishness and a ruthless ambition to climb the totem pole – again if you utilise these energies well you will avoid pitfalls and if you want to do well then make sure it is at no-one else’s expense and it will unfold your way.


This eclipse in the sign of Aquarius falls truly in the Constellation of Capricorn [ruler of institutions and the machinery of state] and this eclipse in the “Mansion of Kings” will definitely bring world leaders into the spotlight – overthrows, revolutions and assassinations are highlighted as are major storms at sea in this mix.


The Moon trine Jupiter here softens the ruthlessness of this drive to succeed at all costs and can help you prevent your family and close relationships paying a big price for your total commitment to win no matter the cost or no matter the cost to whom. It encourages a more ethical approach to your endeavours and this honesty and decency will work in your favour with friends and partners.


The Sun sextile Jupiter adds to good fortune and happiness and enhances favourable court outcomes, generosity towards you, higher education and travel. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag and a potentially wild moon of problems and aggression to which solutions may be found if you are wise. You may even circumvent them all the way if you are paying attention.


The Sun’s influence here will also bring to the surface specific issues for you that must be addressed if you are to move into a peaceful movement and can in fact mark a major turning point in your life and this can be felt as a crisis or threat to your wellbeing – in all probability related to someone trying to usurp your personal power to meet their needs. It can also lead t o high levels of neurosis and obsession as you attempt to maintain your equilibrium and watch for the build up of pressure here. Do not engage in tit for tat or control over that which you have none. Simply walk away – trust the path unfolding – this will transform all.


On the 13th August Mercury goes retro in Virgo. This very detailed sign of crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s we can get lost in the detail of what we are attempting to achieve here and we can drive ourselves nuts getting lost in the miniature of our plans – step back and wait for it to turn direct and your plans will all suddenly make sense again as you see the bigger picture – the usual admonitions about contracts, devices and other mercury retro applications abound.


On the 15th there is an interesting transit with Venus opposite Pluto. This is going to place intense pressure on your closest relationships. I am very serious about this – your romantic partner may suddenly have a fit of the green eyed monster, or become unnaturally suspicious of your actions and motives, they may become possessive or threatened in relation to you. This can lead to power plays, manipulations and all in all some very dangerous liaison’s of the dark kind and I would be very careful about where and when you met up with complete strangers you met on line at this point. Let peeps know what you are up to if single and on the dating scene.


This potent transit can also have you think you have met the “ONE” – fall madly and instantly in love – and this transit will ensure they are manipulative, abusive, drug addicted and/or criminal in their lifestyle. Or you may become so appealing to others that it may turn your head and cause you to behave in exploitative ways at other’s expense and yes you will pay a price for that. Karma bites. All of this can happen to you or by you – and in an eclipse month already fraught with volatile, explosive energies – do be very careful not to get swept up in something you will come to regret.


Suffice it to say that if there are any power imbalances in your closest relationships during this transit they will be exposed big time and those who are the underdog will lash out to reclaim power with cruelty or guilt inductions – it could lead to some interesting games in the bedroom also lol. Do your best to hear things with an open heart, own your own part in the troubles – change or walk away.


Then for one of the astrological highlights of the year we encounter the Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday 21st [actually 22nd here at 4 am and we wont see it but I am grateful for that – as all chaos unfolds under the path of it lol].

If you seize the energies here you can make permanent successful outcomes for your future life – it will require serious determination and sustained hard effort but if focused you can win big time. For the next 6 months you can look forward to good fortune and growth with a genuine excitement at what’s on offer.


This Eclipsed Moon aligns with the Major fixed star of Regulus – this impacts on many things and is one of the four royal stars that sites between the Sun and Moon here – ‘The King sits in equilibrium between the two Luminaries of the Light and the Dark’. It provides ambition and a sense of grand adventure to the meeting of the New Moon, the Sun in Leo, Mars in Leo and the North Node [the Dragon’s Head] to move and shake us all.


A New Moon Solar Eclipse sets the tone for the 6 months ahead. With the Sun Conjunct Moon – all things are possible and everything is on the table and it is a time of great power if you are operating with enthusiasm, self belief, ethically and with the greater good in mind. Yes you can have it all here. I strongly recommend that you write a powerful wish list and to do list on this day for all you choose to create for the period ahead. All your own old and non useful habits will be up for review, discard, revamp and moving on from if you pay attention to what is unfolding and your own part in it and from this you will discover creative and inventive ways to grow and unfold.

As eclipses move in cycles this Eclipse will continue the themes begun at the August 7th Lunar Eclipse two weeks prior and together they will act as a phase that will unfold until the Lunar Eclipse of January 2018.

During the solar eclipse the Moon is paramount – acting as a conduit for the repressed, suppressed, unrealised, unborn, the divine fruitful feminine darkness, unresolved grief and fear and rage, karma and all kinds of self generated spirits and demons and the dead bodies of the unconscious – waiting for the umbilical to be cut to be released – and overshadows the Sun and the Light.

Regulus [one of the most potent stars in astrology] is one of the four royal stars of Persia is known as the Heart of the Lion speaks of both success and of danger and loss. Open minded and generous, militant and brave, frank and powerful – he conquers and rules with authority, sovereignty, honour and wealth but envy and hate from enemies jealous of his success can lead to attacks, violence and collapse.

It is often associated with the downfall of kings and leaders and as Regulus and Mars were ascendant when trump was born and as the eclipse path is directly over the white house we can expect some interesting times ahead in Washington from August on. It is directly related in the Saros Series of which it is a part to the 1999 eclipse as stated and that was the year of the inquest into Dianna’s death and all the hidden possibilities within. As it is in Leo also this also speaks of issues with statesmen and kings.

The Saros cycle [145] eclipse series recur every 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours and occur at the same moon’s node, at the same time of year and the moon is same distance from earth at it’s occurrence. This one will directly impact the white house and Buckingham palace it seems.

Mercury is retro in Virgo [the sign that rules the body and service] during the eclipse and so expect expose’s of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health insurance and doctors around this time and over the next 6 months. And as Mercury is about communication we can expect misinformation, delays in paperwork, chaos in communication like hacking and exposure of spying. There will be much they will try and hide but seek willingly the truth. It’s time.

As the eclipse trines Uranus it favours success of the adventures favoured by Regulus in new ventures. You can make truly daring changes in your life at this time. Your intuitive powers will also be heightened at this time and will have a powerful revealing effect on yourself and your mirrors in the world – relationships. It is a time to set goals that reach for the sky and if you are ready to work hard and ethically the world is your oyster for the taking.

This eclipse is wondrous for shaking the dead wood out of the tree – within and without – addictions, negative patterns of behaviour, destructive mind sets and the desire to succeed here will lead to great pleasure and pride in a job well done. As you sort the wheat from the chaff your social circle will expand and you will take up new interests along with your goals to succeed. You must be persistent though. Work hard.

The combination of the energies of Regulus and the trine with Uranus makes this an exciting and adventurous time but you will deal with people who are envious and want to bring you down. New long term relationships are possible and permanent change to your life and with the pattern formed by Mars, Jupiter and Saturn it means you are likely to hang on to your victories against opposition by others.

We are likely to see rebels willing to die for a cause here and to be outlandish and outrageous in their demeanour as they rattle the house. Innovators and artists are powerfully charged here and great technical breakthroughs may follow in the next 6 months.

Think powerfully of a Lioness protecting her cubs – the feminine aspect here of Regulus in Virgo [service as well as the body] we can feel the great Queen rising to take back the throne and cast out all who would destroy life in service to them selves as she brings forth an awareness of the Cosmic Mother [Venus in Cancer] and the care for all life. To bring balance to the sovereign logos with an awareness of the preciousness of all life.

In all your endeavours do not get beguiled by sychophantic wanna be’s – there could be many false new friends as your star rises – and while shaking the dead wood from the tree – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater lol. This is the warning of Regulus. You will find it easy to shine and be truthful and this will allow many underlying irritations to be resolved but do not seek vengeance for it will not serve you well. Dust off and move on. Trust your heart here – it is wide open and unafraid – now is the time to launch yourself without fear or favour. Politisch unaufgeklärte leute masterarbeit schreiben lassen with und ewig gestrige wie die rechten sehen darin einen verstoß gegen recht und gesetz und beklagen, dass zwischen guten und bösen verstößen unterschieden werde, je nachdem von welcher seite sie kommen. This is an eclipse for the bold, brave and honest souls of integrity and the weak and cowardly will be seen indeed for what they are in this time.


On the 25th Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius. Saturn has been in retrograde motion for 5 months and this has been a time of great Karmic sorting – the past will have blurred into the present and the future during this transit and much will have been sorted out. Or set up to be repeated further down the track. In stationing direct now all the lessons can now be applied. Many will have gone through a very painful time over the past 5 months while on this Karmic roller coaster but now the healing begins. This is a time of confidence and new beginnings – moving forward, consciously aware of those you care for and why, moving into new ventures and a time of ease that is very welcome. With the moon conjuncting Jupiter here also you can expect that a woman will have a significant impact on your life or spiritual development in particular.

There will be no meditations for the new moon tomorrow and for the lunar eclipse on the 7th [that is my moving house day - what perfect timing lol] however where ever we are we will be back with a vengeance to make the most of the Powerful, regal, success and danger ridden Solar Eclipse on the 21st!!  

Prue Blackmore Thrive By Design.