New Moon in Scorpio – Meditation Friday 17th at 7pm



New Moon in Scorpio Friday 17th – Meditation at 7pm


Saturn trining Uranus sets the tone for this intense new moon. It smooths the way to make positive changes in your life and such transitions will not arrive with the usual stress load associated with change. There will be a logic and calm to all the steps you need to put in place to make things happen.


So the seeds are in place for you to stretch the envelope and allow those creative juices to flow – no matter how long you have kept them dormant. This can be applied to artistic expression or career and either way you will be seen and respected for your efforts. And all will seem easy to grasp and apply – no matter what new technologies or systems you need to grasp to make sense of things.


It also facilitates group work and a bringing together of diverse realities into a common goal as this smooths the great chaos of the five Uranus – Pluto squares of the recent past which have resulted in the current collapse of the system unfolding. This energy runs counter to the intense polarisation we are witnessing globally and allows disparate groups to come together for a common goal.


Old ideas that could not get traction in the days of difficulties can now be reviewed to see what is now possible – even if it seemed entirely impossible recently. This genuinely makes it easier to bring necessary change and for that change to seem appropriate. Change is coming but it will be more palatable than usual.


And this brings us to the New Moon to celebrated Friday at 26 Degrees Scorpio in decan 3. This Moon has an interesting aspect to the dwarf planet Sedna discovered in 2003 and which does a rotation around the sun and arriving back to influence us every 11,400 years. There are many that suggest that this minor planet impacts on climate change because of its strange orbit – tis curious at this time is all and is opposite to the New Moon here. And during its last visit like this there were significant changes in climate also hmmmmm.


It is almost as though things will unfold here that will cause us to take it more seriously than the world has up to now. And to implement changes on a personal level about how best to tackle this locally and prepare. The ice is coming – it will begin in the northern hemisphere this winter and will set the tone for the years ahead. Our infrastructure wont deal with it – period – and we will all need to be self sufficient when it comes to power by 20125 max!

 scorpio moon

It has happened before and will happen again and is part of the normal rythyms and cycles of reboot on this planet – just because they have not unfolded in our conscious awareness before makes that no less true. With this placement you may find yourself wondering how the earth birth changes are going to affect you and what you can do about it. There is still so much that is misunderstood about all this and predictions lurch from complete denial it is happening, to catastrophic overheating and mass death associated with it to the medium ice age which I must say makes sense to me and attests to what I am shown.


While the fixed star aspects are not at their usual strength at this New Moon the star Agena in the leg of Centaurus – in the constellation of Chiron – the wounded healer – adds to the natural discomfort and agitation of this decan. So with this placement any unresolved wounds – or patterns of behaviour in defense of them – will surely be exposed – as you own, accept and release the next layer in your constant and accelerating evolution. We burn off the last of the winters husks as we move towards the summer and full fruit growth of being. Here indeed we get the first warnings of what is coming – we are offered it in the heavens before it manifests in the flesh as it were so watch for warning signs of an old energy rising.


This potent moon of healing and sight can also allow glimpses into the future as is often the case with this decan and is a dark and tempting tempest of energies involving escapism, debauchery, violence and storms. This works well to bring the wounds to the surface and without this influence we could well be getting ourselves and others into mischief. Remember this – like all new moons – is a seed planting time so plant wisely with these energies. The sensual, serpentine and seductive will be in full flight here and I would not be surprised to see further exposure of corruption and past injury on the feminine – for these things need to be exposed in order to be purified.


The New Moon quincunx Uranus will have you very intuitively aware to drama and mischief approaching and it is likely to agitate some affected by this as pressure to evolve rises against you or from within you. This aspect points to some kind of sudden, dramatic or even life threatening event unfolding that will require you to change your plans, think on your feet and to be prepared to act suddenly and with grace to what ever happens here.

 lunar madness1

This placement can really let the lunatics off the chain and if you have not already experienced some nutter coming out of left field – do not be surprised when they turn up – and this can actually be quite violent in its nature so care for yourself and step back. Do what ever is needed for your safety but do not get caught in the drama of it – mostly it is not about you but about showing you some maladaptive process you have going in response to such threats. What served you as a child – no longer does – and actually gets in the way of healthy adult relationships – so pay attention here – there is much that can move.


So all in all this is a potent moon – an opportunity with the last activation of the powerful Saturn trine Uranus just before – with Sedna and Agena – to become seriously aware of how rapidly the world is changing and to really think about how you are going to function over the next few years [its all you have] to get yourself set for the serious ramifications of climate change and earth birth changes that are already here but about to ramp up to things unheard of. How will you find a way to change your world in readiness while still functioning in a collapsing society. The discipline of Saturn combined with the mecurial, outside the box, electrical energy of Uranus will have you discovering all kinds of innovative and creative ways to prepare.


Your flexibility and adaptability – to climate and storms – to looking after yourself and your tribe – to releasing old and non functional patterns of relating and karma – your ability to bring disparate peeps together on a mutual project of harmony and forward movement – will all work in your favour here allowing you to find solutions to once intractable problems and to resolve and walk away from things that would have once had you bound and trapped.

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The hysteria of the propaganda press will screech on about doom and gloom as the corporate leash dogs in government and in the press, attempt to frighten the population into obedience and submission with tales of horror and predictions of catastrophe. We have already moved past most of that and the changes are not what they blather on about. Turn it all off for this weekend – do not go there – if something exciting happens someone will tell you about it – learn to respond differently to lifes events and challenges and be what you wish to see in the world. The more you switch it off the stronger you will become.

Prue Blackmore Thrive By Design

Prue Blackmore Thrive By Design


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